Bargaining Support

Your Bargaining Team is back at the bargaining table throughout April to negotiate a new collective agreement! To get the agreement you deserve, we need to show the Employer that all 6,000 NASA members are with them at the table!

We’re asking NASA members to show their support for their Bargaining Team every Tuesday in April to let the university know you’re serious about getting a fair deal at the bargaining table.

Here’s what you can do every Tuesday in April to visibly support your Bargaining Team:

  1. Wear green or purple and wear or display your NASA swag.
  2. Download and display a “I support my bargaining team” sign.
  3. Take a picture in your NASA colours or holding your “I support my bargaining team” sign and share it with NASA on social media using the hashtags #TeamTuesdays and #UAlberta, along with a message about what you want to see in bargaining!

Please fill out the Google Form to let us know how you'll be participating in Team Tuesdays in April so we can follow up and make sure you have everything you need to show your support for your Bargaining Team!

Download materials below to send the message that you support your bargaining team!

To download a background for online meetings, select the file then right-click and "Save image as" to save the file to your computer. Here are instructions on how to change your virtual background in Zoom and Google Meet.

You can also change the profile picture on your social media accounts.

Be sure to follow NASA on X/Twitter, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook.

If you'd like to get some NASA swag to wear or display to show your support for your Bargaining Team, email NASA's Internal Organizer Fathiya Wais at