About Us

The Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) is the union representing the more than 6,000 support staff at the University of Alberta. The work that NASA members do reflects the diversity of the University of Alberta—there are building service workers, library personnel, administrative and clerical personnel, tradespeople, researchers, lab assistants, computer technicians, nurses, and engineers. The work NASA members do is what makes the university work.

You can learn more about NASA by reading the Welcome to Your Union booklet.

NASA is an open, democratic organization controlled directly by our members, who elect an executive board. Under the direction of the elected executive, NASA staff manage the day-to-day functions of the union. NASA also has union stewards on campus who are available to provide assistance to members.

NASA negotiates a collective agreement with the university that is ratified by its members, and represents all employees to ensure the university complies with the agreement and treats its workers fairly. While all employees benefit from the collective agreement and this representation, and therefore pay monthly dues to NASA, it is up to the individual to decide if they want to become an active member

NASA has existed since 1978, although an employee association has existed at the U of A, in one form or another, since the 1940s. You can read more about our history.

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