NASA needs to fill a vacancy on the executive board through a by-election for a new Political Action & Member Education (PAC) Chair, with a term ending July 2024. The role of the Political Action and Member Education Chair is to:

  • chair the Political Action and Member Education Committee
  • make recommendations to the Executive Board with respect to political action and education priorities as they relate to the interest of the Association

The PAC Chair also sits on the NASA executive board.

Nominations are open from Thursday, November 17 until 4:30 pm on Monday, November 28. Applications require 10 supporting nominations. Candidates and those nominating them must be NASA members. Please use this online form to put your name forward for the position or to nominate someone.

Voting will open on Thursday, December 1 and end on Friday, December 9 at noon

If you are interested or have questions about this position, please email nasa@nasaunion.ca. Alternatively, please reach out to any member of the NASA executive if you have any questions about being on the executive board.

Voting in the by-election for a new Membership Services Chair is now closed and the chief electoral officer has certified the results of the vote.

Congratulations to Shenin Mehnaj for being affirmed to the position, and welcome to the NASA executive!