NASA is an open, democratic organization that is controlled by its members, who elect from the membership a nine-member executive board to oversee the functioning of the organization, approve NASA's annual budget and policies, and participate in the functioning of their union through direct participation on committees and as union stewards.

The executive board manages the affairs of the union to realize NASA's mission statement, which articulates NASA's vision—a better future for ourselves and others—and mission—to improve the economic, social and working conditions of our members through representation and advocacy, and to contribute to the improvement of those conditions in society.

The executive governs NASA's operations in accordance with its bylaws and policies and procedures, which have been approved, and can only be changed, by the NASA membership. The executive is also guided by the 2024-2026 NASA Strategic Plan, which was approved by the NASA membership at the 2024 annual general meeting.

All members have oversight of the executive by having access to the minutes from executive meetings, general membership meetings, and NASA's annual reports and audited financial statements.

Under the direction of the elected executive, NASA staff manage the day-to-day functions of the union.