NASA staff emails and website are changing

NASA has begun transitioning staff emails and our website to our own domain that is fully independent of the university. This move was motivated by long-standing concerns about relying on university-provided emails, website and server, which have become more acute in recent months as we've seen administrations at other post-secondary institutions cut off email access during disputes.

Going forward, we'll be using the domain for our website, the main NASA email will be All NASA staff will be reachable by email at the standard format of We've updated the contact us page on the NASA website to reflect these changes.

Staff emails and the web address will continue to work for a number of weeks to allow for some transition time, but we ask you to please do the following to help this transition happen as smoothly as possible:

1. Please add to your contacts so that messages are not flagged as spam by filters.

2. When you first receive emails from accounts, your university account may flag the message as a potential phishing email. If this happens, please click on the "Looks safe" button to help your email recognize it as a legitimate sender.

3. If there are NASA staff that you regularly interact with currently in your contacts, please update their contact information. For a period of time, emails sent to old addresses will automatically be forwarded to the new email.

We apologize in advance for any issues that may arise as a result of this transition. We're doing all we can to minimize the disruption to members, but some hiccups are, unfortunately, likely unavoidable. If you have any issues interacting with NASA staff or notice any problems on the NASA website, please email to let us know.