New wage rates effective September 1, 2023

As the new school year begins, you can look forward to something other than the return of the many who attend the campus during the fall and winter terms.

The current collective agreement provides for an increase of 1.5% to the salary scales effective September 1, 2023. So, you should see a change in your gross pay amount (or hourly rate if you are not salaried) on your September 25 pay advice. Remember that the pay for the first part of the month (i.e., from the 1st to the 15th) is paid on September 25, and so the change in rates is not reflected in your earlier pay in September.

In addition, there is a potential for a further 0.5% salary increase depending on what is called a "Gain Sharing Formula." This is an average of the private forecasts of a number of financial institutions (listed on page 49 of the Common Provisions section of the collective agreement) of Alberta's Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2023. If this number is at or above 2.5%, then 0.5% will be added to wages retroactively to September 1, 2023. This determination will be made in February 2024.  

Remember that you can view your advice in Bear Tracks. All members are encouraged to review their pay advice every pay cycle. By doing so, you can catch any errors as soon as they occur rather than months later.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Labour Relations Officer (LRO).