Statement on the situation at the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre

The Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) is extremely concerned about the recent, well-publicized situation at the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre, and specifically about the impacts of these events on the NASA members who work at the centre. In addition to the destabilization in their workplace, these members have been subjected to the stress of the online dissemination of their contact information, vulgar and dehumanizing comments, and entirely false online reports of dismissal from their positions. We also know that this situation and its ramifications has likely created a great deal of angst and fear amongst many staff across the entire university.

It is completely unacceptable that workers should be subjected to such treatment based on where they work, and the situation must be responded to appropriately and immediately by university leadership. NASA has met with university administration to remind them of their responsibility to ensure a safe and respectful workplace for all employees, and will continue our efforts to ensure that university leadership lives up to this most basic responsibility to its workers.

As always, NASA is here to offer assistance and guidance to all university support staff. Any NASA member who has concerns, questions, or needs support is encouraged to reach out to their NASA Labour Relations Officer (LRO) for help.

In this difficult and emotionally charged moment, we want to assure you that your union is here to support you in any way it can.

In solidarity,

Quinn Benders
NASA President

Joy Correia
NASA Director of Operations