Executive Board

The NASA Executive Board manages the affairs of the union and is responsible for the conduct of NASA business according to the bylaws and policies and procedures established by the NASA membership.

The board meets regularly, and any NASA member can view the minutes of executive meetings. The board reports its activities to the membership at each AGM, and a report from each executive officer can also be found in the NASA annual report.

The executive officers of NASA are elected annually by electronic ballot. The term of office for each position is two years, and to ensure continuity, five of the nine executive positions are filled at the AGM in even years and four are filled at the AGM in odd years. 

The current executive members and their terms of office are:

Quinn Benders, President (2022 - 2024) | president@nasaunion.ca
Chelsea Butler, Vice-President (2023 - 2025) | vp@nasaunion.ca
Jeff Papineau, Secretary (2022 - 2024) | secretary@nasaunion.ca
Rebecca Saul, Treasurer (2022 - 2024) | treasurer@nasaunion.ca
Shenin Mehnaj, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Chair (2023 - 2025) | edi@nasaunion.ca
Sophia Ho, Human Resources Committee Chair (2023 - 2025) | hr@nasaunion.ca
Lisa Budney, Political Action & Member Education Chair (2022 - 2024) | pac@nasaunion.ca
Chas Robertson, Grievance Chair (2022 - 2024) | grievance@nasaunion.ca
Anita Reff, Membership Services Chair (2023 - 2025) | msc@nasaunion.ca

You can read more a bit more about the current executive members.