** NASA members can log in to view regular updates from the Bargaining Team on the bargaining updates page **

The current Collective Agreement between the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) and the University of Alberta—the negotiated contract that sets out the terms and conditions of employment for non-academic staff—expires on March 31, 2024. The current agreement remains in effect until a new agreement is reached.

NASA and its members have begun the process of the 2024 round of collective bargaining with the university. NASA's approach to bargaining is governed by the bargaining policy passed by the NASA membership.

You must be a signed-up NASA member in order to receive regular bargaining updates and vote on ratification of any proposed agreement. Becoming a member is free and can be done online in only a few minutes. We strongly encourage all university support staff to become a member of NASA in order to engage in this important process.

2024 Bargaining Team

The NASA Bargaining Team is responsible for preparing for and negotiating a new collective agreement. The team includes four members (plus one alternate) elected by the NASA membership, one executive member appointed by the executive board, and two staff members (the Director of Operations as Chief Spokesperson and a designated Labour Relations Officer).

Joy Correia, NASA Director of Operations (Chief Spokesperson)
Quinn Benders, NASA President
Fairfax Culpepper, Libraries and Museums
Scott Evans, Utilities (Facilities & Operations)
Markian Hlynka, Information Services and Technology
Kim Koch, Medicine & Dentistry
Terry Sway, NASA Labour Relations Officer
Lisa Budney, Science (Alternate)

2024 Bargaining Advisory Group

The Bargaining Advisory Group (BAG) assists the Bargaining Team in a strictly advisory role as follows:

  • act as a test group to provide feedback on the bargaining survey prior to the survey being circulated to the membership;
  • act as a test group to provide feedback on bargaining proposals in advance of being provided to the membership;
  • provide feedback during bargaining on suggested resolutions being considered at the bargaining table and/or to provide feedback with respect to the potential impacts of those resolutions;
  • when requested, canvass members on specific topics and provide that feedback to the bargaining team.

The members of the 2024 Bargaining Advisory Group are:

Elizabeth Adolf, VP (Research & Innovation)
Wajid Ali, VP (Facilities & Operations)
Jeffery Antoniuk, Library & Museums
Karel Brandenbarg, Provost & VP (Academic)
Ashley Castelo, Registrar's Officer
Dan Evans, VP (Facilities & Operations)
Tonia Harris, Agricultural Life & Environmental Sciences
Catherine Huiso, Shared Services
Maddy Ingram, Campus Saint-Jean
Arlo Ludwig, IST
Andrea Michaud, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Matt Ormandy, Public Health
Laura Ortegon-Rico, IST
David Patten, Science
Alanna Scott, Library & Museums
Elisia Snyder, Library & Museums
Nieva Srayko, VP (External Relations)
Toni Stavreski, VP (Facilities & Operations)
Mirela Tomuta, Engineering